Datastream newsletter Q4 2017



Returns in Datastream

Question: I want to get company stock returns and returns of the relating index. But all I get is an index figure when I use RI in Datastream, not percentages. Is there a way to get the return in percentages?

Answer: Yes, there is.

  • For the company you can enter in the datatype field: PCHV#(X(RI))
  • For the relating index you can use: PCHV#(X(LI#RI))         ,        where LI recognizes the correct index for each company.


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Stock prices for UK in Datastream in GBX

Question: When I download the stock prices for UK listed companies, I see numbers like 4901. Isn’t this a little high for a stock price?

Answer: For UK listed companies prices are always listed in socalled GBX. And not in GBP. Not in Pounds, but in Pennies / Pence. You can divide the amount by 100 or translate the amount to Euro’s in the Time series request. In Wharton WRDS / Compustat / Global / Securities daily, you get the stock price in Pounds GBP.

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New subscription in Wharton WRDS : ISS Incentive Lab

Students and staff of the University of Amsterdam now have access to ISS Incentive Lab in Wharton WRDS. Both the US and Europe are available.

Why use ISS Incentive Lab?

Regulatory requirements, investor pressure, accounting changes, and other factors have combined to make executive pay much more complex. With performance-based pay becoming the driving factor in total compensation, understanding and valuing incentive awards is essential to conducting quality research. ISS’ Incentive Lab database includes the basic compensation data you may have in other databases, but with extensive coverage, history, and without survivorship bias.

ISS incentive lab manual

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