Academy of Management Journal

The Academy of Management Journal is only digitally available for uva users the latest 1,5 years. In JSTOR there is a moving wall of 5 years. Which means that 3,5 years of this journal are not available.


Searching for negative news in Lexis Nexis

Question: How can I extract news articles that are talking about a company or a person in a negative way?

Answer: There is a way to do this in LexisNexis. Here are the steps:

  1. Don’t use the General search or the Power Search, but click News in the left menu and then click All news
  2. Enter the company name or person’s name between parentheses preceded by atleast3. The atleast command makes sure the name of the company or person appears in the article a certain number of times, so the article is more relevant.
  3. Mark the second searchfield as In same sentence as. This makes sure that the negative terms are connected to the name.
  4. Now think of a number of negative words and use a wildcard exclamation mark ! for truncation.
  5. Set the time period
  6. Choose a news source such as Newspapers

For an example see this image:


Inrev real estate data available

The library of the University of Amsterdam just registered as a member of Inrev real estate organization. If you would like to download data from their website, please contact the library for more details.

INREV is the European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles. They are the leading platform for this asset class, with the goal of continuously promoting the evolution of real estate investment across Europe and globally.



Wharton WRDS

Coverage Audit Analytics

Question: Which countries does Audit Analytics cover?

Answer: This is a worldwide database, but coverage outside the US is limited. No surprise. All countries are covered but each to a certain extent. China is the second most represented country, after that Israel and the UK. In the period 1995-2016 this is an example: Germany = 62 companies , Netherlands = 99 companies , United Kingdom  = 318 companies.