Shareholder proposals

Question: Researching shareholder proposals is quite a new field of research. It is hard to obtain data about this. In ISS in Wharton WRDS there is some data available but it is quite old. (… – 2013). Do you know of a good source that is more up to date?

Answer: You can have a look at THIS website. ProxyMonitor.org is a unique, publicly available database that tracks shareholder proposals in real time for the largest 250 U.S. public companies, as ranked by Fortune magazine.

Thomson One

Investments in startups

Question: I am looking for a database that contains data about investments in startups. What can you recommend?

Answer: I can recommend Thomson One. In their Private Equity module there is an “investment search”. Here you can define the fund stage “Startup / Seed”.

Thomson One
Screening & analysis
Private equity
Pe Investments – Search investments
Investment stage – Startup / Seed


Fund stage – Venture capital / Seed

Thomson One

Downloading data in Thomson One

Question: I am trying to download data in the M&A module of Thomson One. Through the Advanced search. I click the Excel icon but the download keeps stalling. How can I solve this?

Answer: Thomson One is a very, as we call it, archaic database. It didn’t really go along with its time, to put it mildly. Thomson One has a download limit of 60000 deals at a time. So first of all make sure your number of deals is under 60000. Then it really depends on the number of variables you select which your computer PLUS the Thomson network can still process. That is a trial and error situation.

When the hour glass is still turning it is a matter of patience. When it says Processing complete, the download was successful. Now click to download and choose Save as. Save it to the desktop and Thomson One only lets you save it as a .xls file. When the file is saved click “Open” in the finished download pop up. Now, in Excel, enable editing and Save it again but now as a .xlsx file.

Now your download file is up to modern standards and you can use your data.



(Stock) Events in Datastream

Question: I know Thomson One and Zephyr can be used to find deals and events for companies. Also Wharton WRDS can be used to find stock events and splits for US companies. Is there an other way to find events such as stock splits?

Answer: In Datastream there is a section Corporate Actions. Those are all Static datatypes, but within the Static results you can see historic values.

Search in the Static request, Datatypes, for the word EVENT and you will find some.

This one for example: