Congratulations to Richard H. Thaler

The faculty library of Economics and Business of the University of Amsterdam  wants to congratulate Mr. Thaler on winning the 2017 Nobel Prize for Economics with his work on behavioral economics.


Shareholder proposals

Question: Researching shareholder proposals is quite a new field of research. It is hard to obtain data about this. In ISS in Wharton WRDS there is some data available but it is quite old. (… – 2013). Do you know of a good source that is more up to date?

Answer: You can have a look at THIS website. ProxyMonitor.org is a unique, publicly available database that tracks shareholder proposals in real time for the largest 250 U.S. public companies, as ranked by Fortune magazine.

Thomson One

Investments in startups

Question: I am looking for a database that contains data about investments in startups. What can you recommend?

Answer: I can recommend Thomson One. In their Private Equity module there is an “investment search”. Here you can define the fund stage “Startup / Seed”.

Thomson One
Screening & analysis
Private equity
Pe Investments – Search investments
Investment stage – Startup / Seed


Fund stage – Venture capital / Seed